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Home > SEEDS - Lawn Grass > Fescue Grass Seed > Tall - Dense Shade Mix

Tall Fescue Dense Shade Grass Seed Mix
Pennington Smart Seed™ With Myco Adavantage™

Dense Shade Grass seed mixture is a blend of tall and fine fescue grass seed that produces a lawn that will grow in high shade areas. Lawns or other areas that receive at least 2 to 4 hours of daily sun are perfect for this fescue grass seed mixture.

Pennington Smart Seed contains Myco environmentally beneficial technology which creates a healthier, thicker Lawn that is good for the soil & the environment. Benefits of the Myco coating on the seeds in this dense shade grass mixture are:
  • Requires up to 30% LESS* water (*Than other lawns without Smart Seed micro organisms)
  • Maximizes Fertilizer performance
  • Grows a denser, deeper root system
Please scroll down for more information on Pennington's Smart Seed Technology.

Please click on products for planting information.

Tall - Dense Shade Mix
Code Name Image Price    
FES-DENSE-03 SOLD OUT - Pennington Dense Shade Grass SMART Seed - Tall & Fine Fescue Mix - 3 LB $0.00
FES-DENSE-24-CS SOLD OUT - Pennington Dense Shade Grass SMART Seed - Tall & Fine Fescue Mix - 24 LB Case $0.00


Planting Dense Shade Grass Smart Seed
Pennington Myco Smart Seed Explained

Below are the planting specifications for Pennington Smart Seed Dense Shade Grass Mixture. For detailed information please click on the products above.

Planting Rate

New Lawns: 8 lbs/ 1000 sq. ft.
Overseeding: 4lbs/ 1000 sq. ft.
Planting Depth: 1/4"
Planting Date: Early Spring or Early Fall

Establishment of Dense Shade Grass

Light Required: Medium to heavy shade (2 - 4 hours of daily sun)
Traffic Tolerance: Moderate
Drought Tolerance: Moderate
Seedling Emergence: 7 - 14 Days
Recommended Mowing Height: 2 1/2" To 3"

More About Pennington Smart Seed™ Natural Benefits

Pennington Seed's Smart Seed™ is the first environmentally-friendly grass seed containing exclusive varieties that require far less watering, maximize fertilizer performance, and grow denser and deeper root systems for a thick, healthy, more drought resistant lawn.

Smart Seed features MYCO Advantage, an exclusive blend of beneficial, all-natural root organisms that contribute to plant growth, enabling a smart lawn to flourish with much less water and work. Smart Seed is currently available in Tall Fescue, Perennial Ryegrass, Kentucky Bluegrass and Bermuda grass seed blends with a selection of seed mixtures to choose from also. Seed mixtures include Fescue & Bluegrass, Sun & Shade and Dense Shade grass seed mixtures.

What Is Myco Advantage

MYCO Adavantage™ is a unique seed coating technology that reintroduces beneficial, all natural micro-organisms into your lawn. Natural occurring soil micro-organisms can become destroyed or depleted over time, often times a result of increasing environmental stress and construction techniques. This can result in lifeless, compacted soil. The micro-organisms in MYCO Advantage™ correct this by attaching to the emerging seed roots, helping the grass grow a denser, deeper root system. And the result is a healthier, thicker lawn that utilizes available nutrients and fertilizer more efficiently, and requires up to 30% less water. The way nature intended. The average lawn requires 10,000 gallons of water in addition to what is provided by rainfall each year. By planting a new lawn or over seeding an existing lawn with Pennington Smart Seed, homeowners can conserve up to 3,000 gallons of Tall Fescue Smart Seedwater per year, save money, and feel good about a healthy, thick lawn that has the smarts to thrive even during extended periods of dry weather.

Why Use Smart Seed™ with MYCO Advantage™

"Pennington Smart Seed offers homeowners and turf professionals the ability to graduate to a beautiful and healthy lawn that’s smart enough to find its own water and nutrients – even in drought conditions," explained Ronnie Stapp, executive vice president for Pennington Seed. "Pennington Smart Seed combines the finest seed in the world with our exclusive MYCO Advantage seed coating technology that replenishes soils with the drought-resistant growing power they need to keep a lawn thick and healthy with far less watering."

"Construction practices, including the grading of home and building sites, often eliminate the beneficial soil organisms found in natural settings," said Dr. Mike Amaranthus, a leading soil scientist and the founder of Mycorrhizal Applications, which has worked exclusively with Pennington on the development of Smart Seed. "The MYCO Advantage in Pennington Smart Seed reestablishes those beneficial organisms back into homeowners’ lawns, enabling them to find water much more effectively than traditional turf varieties."

How Pennington Smart Seed Works

An age-old secret to flourishing plant growth is the secret to a greener, healthier lawn. Which one of these turf samples would you rather have in your lawn? The dark green, healthy turf on the left that’s smart enough to thrive even in dry conditions or the stressed out grass (on right) that can’t handle the heat.
Smart Seed Grass Root Comparison It doesn’t take a soil scientist to see why the smart seed lawn is thriving. Its root system is much bigger and goes much deeper into the soil to find plenty of water. As a result the greener lawn has a healthy advantage over the other lawn that’s really struggling to get established. It’s called the MYCO Advantage and it’s only available in Pennington Smart Seed. Nature’s age old secret to a successful lawn can be found deep in undisturbed soils – in a tiny and beneficial root organism called Mycorrhiza. It’s a big contributor to plant growth and now this secret to a green, healthy lawn that requires far less water and work is in the bag.

Pennington Smart Seed is designed to replenish the mycorrhiza that has been stripped from the soil in most lawns by construction and extreme environmental pressures. Lawns grown with the MYCO Advantage are naturally beautiful and require up to 30% less water. Smart Seed turf also utilizes fertilizer much more efficiently than other grasses, so Smart Seed lawns stay greener and healthier. And so does the environment. Once planted, the root filaments from MYCO Advantage go where larger lawn roots can’t to find moisture and minerals in hard to reach places in the soil. That means more water and food for the lawn.

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