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SOLD OUT - MaxQ JESUP Tall Fescue Pasture Grass Seed 25 LB. -Friendly Novel Endophyte Gra

SOLD OUT - MaxQ JESUP Tall Fescue Pasture Grass Seed 25 LB. -Friendly Novel Endophyte Gra Quantity in Basket: None
Product Code: FES-MAXQ-JESUP-25


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MaxQ Friendly Endophyte Jesup Tall Fescue Seed For Pasture

Non-toxic MaxQ Jesup Tall Fescue solves the problem of fescue toxicity while matching the persistence and hardiness of toxic fescue varieties like Kentucky 31. University research and on-farm experience have shown cattle grazing MaxQ Tall Fescue grass to have significantly greater gains, higher conception rates, and better overall health than those grazing toxic fescue varieties. MaxQ Tall Fescue grass is safe for horses to graze.

Uses For MaxQ Jesup Tall Fescue Grass

MaxQ enhanced jesup tall fescue grass provides an endophyte safe, excellent permanent pasture for cattle, sheep and horses. When cut in early boot stage, it also produces a very high quality hay and provides high quality, abundant forage for a long period of time each year.

Areas of AdaptationMaxQ Tall Fescue Growing Map

As you can see in the map to the right, MaxQ Jesup Tall Fescue Grass may be planted in the Southern USA (except Florida), Northeastern USA and parts of the Mid-western USA. MaxQ Tall Fescue grass grows very well where Kentucky 31 is grown.

Soil & Fertility Requirements for MaxQ

MaxQ Tall Fescue grass is best adapted to clay or clay loam soils. Tolerant to soil acidity and poor drainage, but performs best on soils with good water holding capacity and a pH of 6.0-6.5. Relatively tolerant to drought. Not suited to drought prone, sandy soils.

Establishment of MaxQ Tall Fescue Grass

Plant MaxQ Tall Fescue seed at the rate of 20 lbs./acre in a prepared seedbed and 25 lbs./acre sod-seeded in stubble. A firm seedbed is important for good MaxQ stand establishment. You can drill into a prepared firm seedbed, no-till drill into sod or broadcast and pack in MaxQ tall fescue grass seed. Place seed at a depth of 1/4" to 1/2," but never deeper than 1/2".

Planting Dates:
Southern and Southeastern states: Sept.1 to Nov.1; Mid-South, Midwest and Northeastern states: Aug. 15 to Oct. 1 or spring planting in March and April.

Important Planting Note: The friendly endophytes in MaxQ Tall Fescue have a limited lifespan and must be planted by May 10th of each year to ensure that the plants have active (live) friendly endophytes. For instance if you buy the MaxQ Tall Fescue seeds in the fall they must be planted by May 10th of the following year. We recommend fall planting of MaxQ Tall Fescue seed where possible.

Do not graze or cut seedling stand until it reaches 6"-8" tall. Use only light rotational grazing in the first year, and never graze or cut closer than 2." During periods of heat and drought stress, it is best to rotate cattle more frequently. Consult MaxQ Users Guide for complete planting and management information.

Visit our informational site for more on MaxQ Jesup Tall Fescue Grass.

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