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Common Bermuda Grass Seed -
Species: C. dactylon

Common Bermuda GrassCommon bermuda grass seed is sown for erosion control, lawns, roadsides, pastures and athletic fields. Common Bermuda Grass is adapted for a wide range of soil types from sandy to clay soils. Best adapted to the lower 1/3 of the USA on well drained sites. Very drought tolerant, and can stand flooding for short periods.

Common Bermudagrass, C. dactylon, is also known as Couch grass is the primary turf grass for much of the temperate and tropical world. Originating in Africa and India, this grass has the ability to withstand extremes in climatic and growing conditions around the world.

Common Bermuda Grass is the original field selected variety from which improved seeded varieties originated. It makes a coarse general purpose lawn and is still planted throughout warm season areas. Common bermuda is also the least expensive variety you can plant from seed. The most cost effective way to plant Bermuda grass is from seeds.

Bermuda Grass Seed are available in hulled, un-hulled, coated, un-coated, raw or a combination of these forms.
Please scroll down for more on the types of Bermuda Grass Seed.

Seedland Power BUY! -
Save 5% on orders of 5 or more 50 lb. BAGS (250+ lbs)- Sahara Bermuda only! Quantities of more than 500 lbs can be shipped via Commercial Truck Line (LTL). Call for details and a quote on shipping via LTL Freight Line. Orders placed online ship via UPS.

Common Bermuda Seed
Code Name Image Price    
BER-HC-COAT-05 Common Bermuda Grass Seed - 5 LBS. - HULLED & COATED SEED   $69.95
BER-HC-COAT-25 Common Bermuda Grass Seed - 25 LBS. - HULLED & COATED SEED $219.50
BER-HC-COAT-50 Common Bermuda Grass Seed - 50 LBS. - HULLED & COATED SEED   $335.00
BER-HC-RAW-50 Common Bermuda Grass Seed - 50 LBS. - HULLED & RAW Seed - (Limited While Supply Lasts) $525.00
BER-UHC-RAW-05 Common Bermuda Grass Seed - 5 lbs. Un-Hulled & RAW   $52.95
BER-UHC-RAW-50 Common Bermuda Grass Seed - 50 lbs. Un-Hulled & RAW $350.00
BER-UHC-RAW-25 Common Bermuda Grass Seed - 25 lbs. Un-Hulled & RAW $213.00


The Types of Common Bermuda Grass Seed

  • Hulled seed: Part of the protective seed coat is mechanically removed so as to speed up germination percentages. This makes it more likely for the seed to all germinate at near the same time. Hulled seeds are planted more than any other kind because people generally want fast germination. Only a few of the improved bermuda grass varieties may be purchased hulled.
  • Un-Hulled seed: Un-hulled seed still have the seed coats attached. Some seed may germinate early and others will lie dormant until conditions are more favorable for germination, sometimes even months later. Most improved Bermuda grasses are un-hulled.
  • Coated seed: Coated seed have been coated with a coating material (clay based) and a fungicide to increase successful germination by providing control of seed and soil borne pathogens, also is distasteful to birds, so they won't eat they seeds before they can germinate.
  • Raw seed: Raw seed are simply seeds that have not been coated. The advantage of raw seeds is you get more actual seed per lb. of weight. The disadvantage is usually that no fungicides are applied leaving the seed  and birds will eat these seeds.
  • Hulled & Un-hulled Blend - This 50-50 Blend takes advantage of germination characteristics of both hulled and un-hulled seeds.

Planting Rates And Care For Common Bermuda Grass Seed

Often, grassing contractors will plant both hulled & un-hulled bermuda grass seed, so as to ensure a successful establishment of a planted area. Usually this is a 50-50 mixture of hulled and un-hulled seed.

Common bermuda requires less fertilizer compared to hybrid Bermuda and is the most economical Bermuda that can be established. Especially compared to the hybrid sprigged Bermudas.

Forage, Hay & Pasture:
Average analysis is 10% protein and 50% TDN. For pastures plant 10 lbs. per acre March to July in a well prepared seed bed. Hay can be harvested at 4 to 6 week intervals. Responds well to high levels of Nitrogen fertilizer, Add lime at pH below 5.5. -- Apply nitrogen after each cutting. Common requires less fertilizer compared to hybrid Bermuda and is the most economical Bermuda that can be established. Especially compared to the hybrid sprigged Bermudas. Read more about bermuda grass varieties for forage and pasture use .

Recommended Lawn Seeding Rate For Common Bermuda Grass

  • Lawns: 1-2 lbs. Raw Seed per 1000 sq. ft.; Coated Seed 2-3 lbs. per 1,000 Sq. Ft. Read about Penkoted seeds.
    Lawn seed rates are much higher than pastures in order to create the desired plant density for a beautiful lawn.
  • Pastures: 5-10 lbs. per acre (hulled) -- 10-15 lbs. acre (un-hulled).
  • Read When to plant Bermuda

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